The Cast

Star Wars Cast

Casting is something that I wanted to get perfectly correct for this film, and I think I have done. As a point of principal I wanted to get good actors that could carry the weight and peaks of the script as well as bringing their own interpretations and insights to add depth, and I’ve been very lucky in that respect.

Regiment Leader Ford – Lisa Ronaghan

Lisa Ronaghan

I initially approached Lisa Ronaghan about a role as we’ve worked together on two short films so far, but not yet on one of my own projects. After she accepted I was thrilled by the feedback and ideas she bought to the character of Ford, and the level of her thought about her backstory and each individual line of dialogue allowed me to chrystalise my own vision of the character.

Aaron Stanford – Tom Carter

Tom Carter

Tom is a friend of Lisa and she recommended him for Aaron. Whilst extremely busy with other projects Tom read the script and agreed to be involved, instantly bringing ideas about Aaron’s voice to the table, which in turn helped to further define the character for myself. Tom can bring both desperation and threat to the role, which pretty much embodies Aaron’s character.

I have actually worked with both actors on John and Jane, a short film I was involved in last summer which is available to view here. Because of this I knew the calibre of the two of them, and the professionalism and intensity they could bring to the production. I’m very excited to see how the scene comes together on set.


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