The Locations

On LocationSound design is one element of creating a believable sci-fi environment, but the locations will need to be appropriately timeless and production friendly in order to complete the all-encompassing effect I am going for. To that end I have nominated several potential locations for filming.

The Cell/Technician’s Office – The William Knibb Centre, Kettering

The fan room

Underneath the William Knibb Centre are a series of narrow pitch black tunnels, and a small room with a large industrial fan built into the back wall. The film has been written with this location in mind.

London (flashback) – Weston Favell Centre Bus Terminal

Weston Favell Bus Stop

For the brief scene of a distant explosion I want to use the monolithic concrete structure of the Weston Favell Centre. It’s a disgusting, imposing structure that to me is reminiscent of both Eastern Bloc states and in some small way the area around Elephant and Castle in London.

The Graveyard – Kettering Cemetery

Kettering GraveyardThe cemetery at Kettering is large and expansive enough to serve as the location for the interior consciousness. As part of production will be based over there already, it also aids the logistics.

The Cell EXT – St Crispin’s Hospital site, Northampton

St Crispin's Hospital, NorthamptonThe abandoned psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Northampton is the perfect location for the ground level of the cell, and the final takedown.

A large potential issue with all of these locations is the lack of complete control, with two of the scenes taking place in public spaces. Additional time will need to be given to each exterior scene to ensure that the footage captured is of the highest possible quality. For the Weston Favell (London) scene the sound will be captured on close ups, with additional sound design and any Foley requirements being added in post.


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