The Crew

On set.

For The Fourth I want to work with no less than the best available crew, to both test myself and to show the quality that I am capable of achieving when working with people of comparable drive, commitment and skill. To that end my production team will be made up of:

Emma Mills – Production Manager

Emma worked in a similar capacity on The Raindance selected The Hunt, and has been an excellent and reliable collaborator on many of my student films. Pre-production responsibilities include sourcing costumes and props, managing the budget and arranging the catering. During filming Emma will be responsible for managing the set and running the shooting schedule, as well as solving any issues that might arise.

Eric Sithole – Director of Photography

As well as working as DP on The Hunt, Eric produces a large number of promotional films and documentaries in his job working with disadvantaged young people. On set he has overall responsibility for the equipment being used, the framing and movement of shots and the use of lighting and sound.

Alex Powell – Camera Operator

A fellow HND graduate, I have now worked with Alex on several productions, including our simultaneously produced documentary on Kettering-born dancer Rob Campbell. On the day of filming he will be responsible for setting up the camera frame rates, apertures, ISO and shutter speeds, as well as working with Eric to ensure framing is consistent. He will also be responsible for filming cutaway shots.

Emma Beckett – Gaffer/Stills Photographer

A student on the Photography BA course at University of Northampton, Emma is seeking experience on film sets. As Gaffer she will liaise with Eric to handle the lighting per setup, and will also take production stills for promotional purposes.

Penny Layton – Makeup Artist

Penny is a Milton Keynes based makeup artist who has previously worked on events and parties but who is looking to expand into film work. As well as helping to create the overall visual of the characters, Penny will be responsible for ensuring that the actors look right on camera, and that that look remains consistent over the course of the day.


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