Treatment & Proposal Document


Following a meeting with lecturer Tim Coley I gained a much better understanding of the structure and purpose of our upcoming presentations, and also got a much better handle on how to integrate the concept of the project (in my case integral utilisation of sound design) into the project itself. I now feel like I’ve got a proper direction with the film, and have found a way to tie the story, the concept and the title together with a neatness that I’d been struggling to get before.

This naturally required a further story re-write, and I’m much happier with the direction of the story now. The new treatment is available to read here: The Fourth Treatment V4.

From this point I was able to draft a project proposal, which will form the basis of my presentation. I still need to refine it so that the content matches the mark weighting, and learn it thoroughly enough so that I can present it confidently on Friday morning, but even just having this draft down as a road map has boosted my confidence about the presentation massively. It’s also helped to formalise the production process and state my influences, because it now means I’ve got something tangible to work with and compare my work to.

The presentation document is available to view here: Proposal.


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