Test Project: M is for Meat

I’ve spent the last couple of days recording Foley and mixing the audio for a short film project I’ve been involved in called ‘M is for Meat’, a submission for the ABCs of Death film contest. The film was shot incredibly quickly and in challenging conditions, and subsequently required a lot of audio fixes with two scenes in particular being completely re-soundtracked. Here’s the audio timeline from Premiere:

Audio Timeline M is for Meat

I used twelve different audio tracks on the timeline, which were built up as I went from shot to shot. By the time I got to the end of this mixing process I realised that it would be beneficial to keep all of my files organised, and assign tracks to each different aspect of the audio – this is something I’ll keep in mind when it comes to editing my individual project, as it should keep the process much cleaner and easier to manage. Also, using Protools (again) for this soundtrack just reminded me how much better it would be to have someone compose a unique and tailored score for all my projects going forward. Finding a composer will be a priority when I come to building a crew for The Fourth.


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