The Story


Along with Horror, Science Fiction films are often exemplary in their use of sound design. Because of the possibilities inherent in creating the audio track for a sci-fi film, and because I love the genre but have so far not worked in it, it seems a natural fit for me to create such a film for this project.

I’ve had one main idea which I’ve refined over the last few weeks. Called ‘The Fourth’, the film is about a psychic girl in captivity in a dystopian future, and the mission to rescue her. Roughly two thirds of the story is about two characters in a room, whilst the remainder of the story, concerning the girl’s rescuers, is more action packed but can all be filmed in a known, privately owned location.

This is the current treatment – The Fourth – Treatment V1 – as the first draft became a far bigger story than would have been possible to film on the timescale I have to work to. I’ve been conscious of how audio will be utilised throughout, writing the action sequences to reflect a focus on sound design rather than any stunt or extensive VFX work, and I think that this approach will also help to lend credibility to events on the screen.


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